What Makes AKV9 Different?

Previous ALS drug discovery efforts

  • Mostly focused on improving the life extension of ALS mouse models to suggest improved patient outcome, believing that mice mimic humans
  • Never considered improving the health of diseased UMNs as a potential treatment strategy
  • At times utilized cells and cell lines that are not related to motor neurons to obtain data about motor neuron health
  • Could not show translation between mouse survival and human survival

AKAVA’s unique approach

  • Utilizes a cell-based and mechanism-focused drug discovery effort
  • Focuses on the biology and pathology of diseased upper motor neurons (UMNs) with the goal of improving their health at a cellular level
  • Investigates and obtains data directly from diseased UMNs and not from unrelated cell models
  • Builds on the fact that translation is not at a species level, but is at a cellular level